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AML: Anti-Money Laundering 

KYC: Know Your Customer

Herseg has specialized and certified personnel in Anti Money Laundering Prevention and avoiding of the Risk of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, our group focuses on offering our clients tailored solutions and according to the characteristics of their business and depending on the regulations that apply in matters of prevention of crimes of Money Laundering, Assets Laundering and / or Capital Laundering and FT since this crime is known in different ways in many jurisdictions, we provide advice on the design and implementation of AML and KYC systems as well as organizational management tools for the success of the implemented controls, guaranteeing compliance and strategic development in order to generate trust with interest groups.
Currently all economic sectors have increased their exposure to risk so that criminal activities consider their business attractive to hide illicit profits. That is why national and international standards in this matter increasingly require a greater commitment from regulatory entities, force companies and their owners, to get involved in dealing with this scourge by preventing the risk of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. Integrate internal efforts and resources in order to guide and understand the needs of our clients and transform them into optimal solutions, complying with current regulations and the requirements, and obligations issued by regulatory entities in order to implement the Risk Management and Prevention Systems of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (SAGRLAFT / SARLAFT / SIPLAFT), our scope in this line of business are the following:

Products offered as ML / FT Risk Management and KYC

We guarantee the effectiveness of our consultancies through a team of analysts with extensive experience and knowledge of the financial operations of the companies

Diagnosis and Planning

Its main objective is to know the context of the organization, analyze the current operation of the processes and procedures and the exposure they have in terms of ML / TF risk, the analysis of gaps and the strategy of implementing and defining methodologies, techniques , tools and sources of information for the design and adoption of the risk prevention system ML/TF.

Policies and Procedures Manual regarding to LA/TF

This stage implies defining as a first measure the regulatory framework and clarifying basic ML / FT concepts. It also includes the definition of roles and responsibilities of those who will participate in risk management (Board of Directors, Legal Representative, Fiscal Auditor, Compliance Officer, Responsible for CORE and Support processes, risk management policies and procedures of knowledge and due diligence of the counterparties are designed and proposed.

Management and risk management LA/FT

Identify, measure and risk control of LA/TF, risk map is built and the mitigation controls are proposed, which allow to reduce the possibility of happening and its impact.

Compliance and training culture

Have as a premise comunication and disclosure of policies, procedures, risks and controls as well as also sensitize each collaborator of the Organization, on topics related to the prevention system LA/TF.

Monitoring and Follow up

Monitoring has as the main objective, guarantee the continuous control and monitoring of the prevention system LA/FT, take the correctives and making updates according to the dynamics of change of the norm and the processes and procedures of the Organization, periodic customer reviews, and elaboration of compliance reports.


To support and accompany the companies forced to validate, update the prevention system LA/FT, take the correctives and make updates according to the dynamics of change of the norm and the processes and procedures of the organization.

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